Given that the our Fa Da Chillun event is set to take place this weekend, it seemed fitting to share a bit of information about Hilton Head Island Middle School, the location of all the festivities this Saturday.

Hilton Head Island Middle School includes grades 6, 7, and 8 with a population of 868 students and 95 staff. The student body is 54% Caucasian, 29% Hispanic, 16% African American, and less than 2% other ethnicities.

The middle school opened in 1991, and what started as a sand pile courtyard has matured into a beautiful, inviting outdoor space compete with pond, historic trees, picnic tables, and benches. Hilton Head Island Middle School is environmentally friendly, too. The school was the first in the state to have a solar panel installed for electricity, and a group of generous citizens helped transform a wetland on the property into an outdoor science lab.

Students are required to participate beyond the classroom, and developing community awareness and concern is an integral part of every student’s education. Students in sixth grade are required to participate in 15 hours of service, seventh graders are required to participate in 20 hours, and eighth graders must complete 25 hours.

There are a variety of athletics available for students as well. Baseball, basketball, cheerleading, football, golf, softball, track & field, volleyball, and wrestling provide physical activity for students who participate.

Technology has evolved since 1991, and the school has followed suit. Computers are everywhere and most classrooms boast interactive whiteboards which are better for the environment given that they are reusable. Students use this technology to complete studies in eight required subject areas.

The school colors are navy, blue, and silver, and the school mascot is the stingray.

The Fa Da Chillun event includes a poetry slam, talent show, fashion show, and other creative activities to highlight all the remarkable talents of local students. Emphasis is on honoring traditional forms of creative expression. A special presentation will be provided by The Deep Well Project, a non-profit organization that serves the basic needs of less fortunate Hilton Head Island community members.

So please join us Saturday at Hilton Head Island Middle School from 4pm to 6pm at 55 Wilburn Road.

Additional information about the school can be found at: //