Mrs. Ethel Green Rivers was born on October 16, 1918 to Viola and Jacob Benjamin Green. Her mother taught children in the neighborhood to read while her father was a carpenter. In addition to being a carpenter, he also distributed mail to Baygall (an area of Hilton Head Island) in which he rode a horse to the Jenkins Island dock to get the mail. Mrs. Rivers attended the historic Cherry Hill school which at that time met in a church parsonage until people of the community put together money for the land and helped build the building. She attended the Cherry Hill School through the fifth grade, then learned from her mother how to sew, iron, wash [laundry], cook, clean, and everything else that a “girl should know.” In September 1935, she married Nathan “Apple” Rivers. In 1942, Nathan and Ethel bought an acre of land where she still lives today. They had 17 children, two whom died as infants and Mrs. Rivers having her last child at the age of 46. Mrs. Rivers has had to bury 6 children along with burying her husband in 2005. Mrs. Rivers has been a supporter of the Gullah Celebration since its inception and attends every event that she can. She is currently the second oldest person living on Hilton Head Island. Not only is Mrs. Rivers proud of her Gullah heritage but she is proud to be a native islander of Hilton Head Island. This is Mrs. Ethel Green Rivers and SHE IS GULLAH!